BledsoeHello! Welcome to my website. On this site I blog about my research, presentations, projects, and e-textile business, Sew Bright. Through my work, I combine my interests in music, education, and making.

As a doctoral student in music education at Arizona State University my research interests are in creativity, the maker movement, and electronic music instruments/controllers for young children. Read more about this on the CV and Presentations pages.

As a music educator, I’ve worked musically with infants through elementary-aged children for 10 years as a music teacher in Texas, Arizona, and Florida. This January, I will begin early childhood music classes for children and parents at the Edelweiss School of Music in Plano, TX.


Through Sew Bright, I aim to educate people about embedding light and sound into textile and fabric projects. For more information, read my blog posts and visit the resources page. I live in the Dallas area, but love to travel to engage people in e-textile projects. I am available to do workshops, parties, presentations, consultations, and custom projects. Please contact me for more information.




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